List of qualified investments admitted to trading

Issuer`s Full NameSecurity KindSecurity Category and TypeTrading Symbol
CFI Code [1]
ISIN Assigned to Securities Represented by Depositary ReceiptsCFI Code Assigned to Securities Represented by Depositary ReceiptsPar ValuePar Value CurrencyDate of Admission to TradingSegment Name
"Mobilnyi Mir" Limited Liability Partnershipbondcorporate bondMOBI1025KZX000001722DBFUFR100USD20.10.2023
1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc.shareClass A ordinary shareFLWSUS68243Q1067ESVUFR0.01USD07.06.2023
10x Genomics, Inc.shareClass A ordinary shareTXGUS88025U1097ESVUFR0.00001USD07.06.2023
2seventy bio, Inc.shareordinary shareTSVTUS9013841070ESVUFR0.0001USD07.06.2023
3D Systems Corporationshareordinary shareDDDUS88554D2053ESVUFR0.001USD07.06.2023
3M Companyshareordinary shareMMMUS88579Y1010ESVUFR0.01USD07.06.2023
8x8, Inc.shareordinary shareEGHTUS2829141009ESVUFR0.001USD07.06.2023
A. O. Smith Corporationshareordinary shareAOSUS8318652091ESVUFR1USD07.06.2023
AAON, Inc.shareordinary shareAAONUS0003602069ESVUFR0.004USD07.06.2023
AAR CORP.shareordinary shareAIRUS0003611052ESVUFR1USD07.06.2023
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  1. This field contains the most current CFI code value to the best knowledge of ITS. In making a decision to admit securities to trading, ITS determines the security kind and category based on CFI code value. Please, note that CFI code values are subject to review by the relevant numbering agencies, and the most current value shown in the field may differ from the value available on the date when decision on admission to trading was made by ITS.