Trading volume on ITS exceeded $1.1 mln on its first day of operation

Trading volume on Kazakhstan’s new international trading platform, ITS, exceeded $1.1 million on June 7, 2023, its first day of operation.

From the day of ITS launch, investors obtained access to 1,570 shares and depositary receipts from companies based in the USA, Europe, and Asia, all of which have primary listings on the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges.

The first deal was carried out with shares of retail firm Macy's Inc. at $16.00 per share at 11:00 am Astana time (05:00 am GMT). The top 10 leaders in terms of trading volume comprised shares of Tesla, Li Auto, Microsoft, Coinbase, Apple, Qualcomm, Meta Platforms, Alphabet, McDonald's, and Virgin Galactic. Trading volume amounted to $1,138 million by the end of the first trading session.

The trading of securities takes place in the currency of their initial listing, which is the US dollars. The minimum lot size for executing a transaction on ITS is one share.

Kazakhstan’s largest professional securities market participants that are financial intermediaries, both accredited and directly registered with AIFC can become ITS’ direct clients. Investors - individuals and legal entities - will get access to trades through Kazakh brokers and banks as they connect to ITS.

The official opening of trading on ITS took place during Astana Finance Day conference. Video and photo materials from the start of trading are available in the official LinkedIn.


About ITS  

ITS is an international liquidity hub through which investors from Kazakhstan and other countries can trade in thousands of investment products on the global financial market.

The principle of best execution ensures that investors’ trades are made at the best price between those offered on ITS and on leading international stock exchanges.

Smart order routing technology allows liquidity to be attracted from international trading floors in any volume required.